Do We Use the Word Love too Often?

I would not go as far as to say that love is overrated, but I would say that we use the word love to often. Over the last few years, we have started to use more explicits than ever before when we speak to each other. One of my friends at our London escorts is really into tweeting. She is always tweeting images of things that she has seen online, and she often uses the phrase “I love this”. In my opinion, it is a rather strong word to use when you are tweeting about a pair of shoes. But, then again, I think many of us girls at London escorts are just as guilty as the rest of the population.

But there are times when I just have to pinch myself. I often find that I end up closing the door on a gent with the words “love you and hope to see you soon”. Most of my London escorts dates probably don’t take that phrase seriously, but at the same time, there are probably those that do. It is easy to assume that a date is not going to take it to heart. Let me say this – many of the gents I date at London escorts are a little bit loved starved and may in fact take it seriously. I have seen many of them do what I call a double take.

We should be careful how we use the word love. Our misuse and overuse of the word love has “cheapened” the word in many ways. It has become a little bit of a misnomer and may not even mean anything to some people. Sometimes I think that I am the only girl at cheap London escorts take the word love seriously. Love is a feeling, but when you actually stop and think about it, it also so much more than that. Have we forgotten about that? I think that we have, and I am trying to make an effort to use the word love less at London escorts.

Is love still important? In our upside-down world, I think that love is even more important than ever before. But the problem is that real love is missing from many relationships. Perhaps this is why we are so busy at London escorts. Both men and women are guilty of not showing enough love to each other. Sex is part of the concept of love, but there are many other things which are important. We tend to forget that companionship really matters. It is something that many couples have put on the back burner.

We are just to hooked on keeping up with the neighbours and working too hard to let true love into our relationship. Maybe we need to take some time out to evaluate what love really is and how we can always have it in our lives. The problem is that love is not always romantic. At times love can be right out tough. The person we love may have done something wrong or be going through a tough time. True love means to support and show them that we care. That is often what I try to do when I am on my London escorts dates. Showing someone love can make a real difference. Maybe you should sit down and think about what love means to you.